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David is an acknowledged expert on the conservation of historic parks and gardens, and has lectured and published widely on the subject. He has been influential in the development of heritage policy and is also a leading authority on researching the history of parks and gardens.

Professional experience:

For 10 years David was Conservation Officer for the Garden History Society, the statutory consultee for planning applications affecting historic parks and gardens. He has been special adviser to three House of Commons select committee inquiries: town and country parks (1999), cemeteries (2000) and PPG17 (2002). He was a member of the parks panel of the Heritage Lottery Fund from its inception until 2002. He was instrumental in setting up Heritage Link in 2001, and is currently a member of the parks and gardens advisory panels of English Heritage and the National Trust. He is also a member of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

His work for the Parks Agency includes:

  • Monitoring, mentoring and external advice on more than fifty park restoration projects for the Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Jubilees and Public Parks for English Heritage
  • Wickford War Memorial Park, reports on context and history for Basildon Council
  • Madresfield Court, historic landscape study for private client
  • The Park Keeper for English Heritage
  • Great Tew, Oxfordshire, walled gardens assessment for Great Tew Estates
  • Highgate Cemetery, options appraisal for the Friends of Highgate Cemetery
  • Encombe, Dorset, Conservation Management Plan with Tom Stuart-Smith for private client
  • West Norwood Cemetery, Conservation Management Plan for the London Borough of Lambeth
  • The Olympic Park, study of the historic and intellectual context for CABE Space and ODA
  • City of London Cemetery, design for new burial area, with Kim Wilkie Associates for the Corporation of London
  • Knightshayes, report on the planning context and historic setting for the National Trust
  • Kensington Palace Gardens, conservation statement, with Todd Longstaffe Gowan, for Historic Royal Palaces
  • Strawberry Hill, conservation management plan, with the Landscape Agency for Strawberry Hill Trust
  • A survey of heaths, commons and village greens in Greater London for English Heritage
  • Masterplan for Ruskin Park for the London Borough of Lambeth
  • Cemeteries Needs Assessment for the Heritage Lottery Fund

Academic record:

  • MA, Exeter College Oxford, 1st class degree in English (1981)
  • Certificate in Planning Law, Bristol Polytechnic (1988)
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York (1987-9)
  • Senior Research Fellow, De Montfort University (1999-2002)
  • External examiner for the MA in Garden History at Bristol University (2004-10)
  • Supervisor for the MA in Conservation of Historic Gardens and Cultural Landscapes at Bath University (2011-)

Publications include:

  • ‘Wentworth Castle in the Welfare State: the road to a public landscape’ Wentworth Castle and Georgian Political Gardening Eyres P (2012)
  • Jubilee-ation: a history of royal jubilees in public parks English Heritage (2012)
  • ‘The repair and regeneration of public parks’ Context (March 2011)
  • ‘The Cemeteries Select Committee Inquiry Revisted’ English Heritage Conservation Bulletin (Summer 2011)
  • ‘Country parks: a historical perspective’ A New Era for Country Parks ed. Kim Haigh, Countryside Recreation Network (2009)
  • ‘Keep a hard copy!’ Garden Design Journal (August 2007)
  • 'Rituals of Transgression in Public Parks in Britain, 1846 to the Present' Performance and Appropriation, Profane Rituals in Gardens and Landscapes Dumbarton Oaks (2007)
  • ‘Restoration of parks is important to the public’ Horticulture Week (15 February 2007)
  • ‘Assets and liabilities: what’s that park worth?’ Green Places Issue 35 (May 2007)
  • Golf in historic parks and landscapes with Land Use Consultants English Heritage (2005)
  • ‘The History of the Country Park, 1966-2005: towards a renaissance?’ Landscape Research 31:1 (January 2006)
  • Understanding and Valuing your Park Heritage Lottery Fund (2006)
  • Parks and Gardens: a researcher’s guide to sources for designed landscapes Landscape Design Trust (2006)
  • The Cemetery in the Garden: 150 Years of the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium Corporation of London (2006)
  • ‘All rosy in the garden? The protection of historic parks and gardens’ in Architectural Conservation: Issues and Developments (2006)
  • ‘The Meaning and Re-Meaning of Sculpture in Victorian Public Parks’ Sculpture and the Garden, Eyres P & Russell F, Ashgate (2006)
  • ‘From Manager to Conservationist: a two-year review of the City of London Cemetery Conservation Management Plan’ Journal of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (2006)
  • ‘Unspinning Enhancing Urban Green Space’ Spaces & Places (December 2006)
  • Allotments, CABE Space Enablers Briefing Paper (2005)
  • Caring for Historic Parkland, English Heritage / DEFRA (2005)
  • The Park Keeper English Heritage (2005)
  • ‘Dazzled by Design?’ Green Places (May 2005)
  • “Victims of golf course blight” New Statesman (1 December 2003)
  • ‘Gardens at Risk’ The Economist, 2003
  • “The prospect of trade: the merchant gardeners of Bristol in the second half of the eighteenth century” Bourgeois and Aristocratic Cultural Encounters in Garden Art, 1550-1850, Dumbarton Oaks (2002)
  • “Meaningful community participation is not cheap” Landscape Design (June 2002)
  • “Time for a Vision”, Burgess Park: a new urban landscape for London (2002)
  • “The Heritage Lottery Fund’s Urban Parks Programme” Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society (2002)
  • “Public parks and living cities” Context 72 (2001)
  • Historic Public Parks of Bristol (2000)
  • Indignation: the Campaign for Conservation, with Mavis Batey and Kim Wilkie (2000)
  • “A tale of two cities: new public spaces in Paris” Landscape Design (September 2000)
  • "Buildings and Monuments", with Hazel Conway, in The Regeneration of Public Parks Woudstra, J & K Fieldhouse (2000)