The Parks Agency – serving the parks world

Our strong track record includes working for national agencies, local authorities and community groups. We can help with

  • Parks and Greenspace Strategies
  • Surveys of individual parks
  • Green Flag and Green Heritage Awards
  • Audits of parks and greenspaces and of parks services
  • Advice on Best Value Reviews and action plans
  • Park Regeneration and Management Plans
  • Public consultation and user surveys
  • Preparing bids to Lottery distributors and other grant sources
  • Project management, mentoring and monitoring.


ruskin detailHistoric landscape research

We believe that understanding what you’ve got is the key to deciding what to do next. Piecing together the evolution of a historic park or garden, revealing previous layers, explaining the origin of surviving features, assessing historic importance.Analysis of documents and archives is correlated with physical analysis of a site’s archaeology, architecture and ecology.This research into the past enlightens our understanding of the present and can then inform design or management decisions for the future.


west norwood cemetery (1)Conservation planning

Planning for the future management of a site needs to be based on balancing the importance identified through analysis and research, with other types of importance and other factors and needs. The Parks Agency regularly works with teams of professionals to produce Conservation Plans and Conservation Management Plans, either as lead or as a specialist.

We often advise designers working on historic sites, carrying out the historical research, formulating conservation policy, and then liaising over design options. This work involves highlighting sensitivities – such as a landscape feature or a particular view – which merit conservation, and identifying solutions where change needs to be balanced with historic importance.


gheluvelt parkProject advice

The PA has an extensive portfolio of Heritage Lottery Fund projects on which it has either provided advice to HLF in advance of a grant-decision, or on which it has acted as a mentor or a monitor during implementation. Whether it’s got funding from HLF or another source, we can help at all stages of a project: initial scoping and public consultation, planning and design development, preparation of bid documentation, and implementation.   Our advice is available to local authorities or charitable trusts considering putting a project together, as well as to consultants bidding to develop or implement projects.

To start 2019, we had a nice tribute from Vicky Thompson, the project officer for the HLF restoration project at South Cliff Gardens, Scarborough:  “Massive Shout out to David Lambert from the Parks Agency who was our project’s HLF Mentor during 2018.  David has been a constant support, source of inspiration, friendly ear and fundamental to this project!”

If you would like help with any of the above then please contact us.