We started our Crap Parks pages around 2007-08, because we felt that there was a conspiracy to pretend that parks had been more or less taken care of.  We were aware that although great things had been done, much more remained still to be done and that many parks were still in only mediocre condition.

Since the elections of 2010 and 2015, things have changed unimaginably. Although back then, we predicted that the outlook was dismal for most parks and that most would continue to decline, that downward trajectory has now accelerated alarmingly. All parks, even those which have been subject to multi-million pound restoration projects, are subject to the effect of drastic and reckless budget cuts in the name of austerity. Parks in desperate condition have become much more common. We thought we should maintain these pages to remind parks professionals and decision-makers of what is happening but, in the absence of any prospect of rectifying the unfolding catastrophe, it’s getting harder to find these images amusing.

And here’s a plug for Bad Bandstands – a rogues’ gallery put together by Doctor Bandstands himself, Paul Rabbitts.  Enjoyable in the same twisted way as Crap Parks.

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